JCCA classic car festival – Carpark

Little bit late in posting this but been pretty busy with other things and forgot about a lot of photos I have. Still have to post my 7 day coverage/Honda Collection hall and idlers part 2 :O

It seems that with almost every event I have been to in Japan, the cars in the carparks are just amazing and makes me wonder why half of them aren’t in the actual shows themselves! The following images will make you realise why I think this…



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JCCA classic car festival – Summer 2012

It took me a while but I eventually made it to a JCCA event after 2 years of always being busy when they were on. I had a choice of either JCCA at Tsukuba or the Skyline Festival at Fuji Speedway so I chose JCCA and my friend Danny from FC Autosource headed to Fuji(I will post some of his photos in a seperate post)

Here’s what was waiting for me at Tsukuba…


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Drag racing @ Central Circuit, Kansai

Same day as  the Hellaflush Kansai event at Central circuit, there was a local drag event taking place down the main straight. I took a break from the show to see what kind of cars were running the quarter mile and was fairly suprised at some of the cars I seen…

Not everyday you see a 4 door Hakosuka on the drag strip..

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Coming soon: Idlers games this Sunday..

One of my favourite events in Japan, another round of the Idlers games takes place this Sunday @ Tsukuba, will be hanging out with the guys from RWB and will have tonnes of pics next week, for now, here’s a shot I took at round 2 last year…

Euro’s @ Hellaflush Kansai

This is my second installment of pics from Hellaflush Kansai, this time it’s the Euro’s. The Euro scene in Japan never ceases to amaze me, their popularity seems to be growing every year, even the cars in work seem to be getting crazier! Well here goes…

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Honda’s @ Hellaflush Kansai

Last years Hellaflush event @ Fuji Speedway was one of the events of the year so I was expecting a lot from this years event in Central Circuit, Kansai. With the show saturday, myself and Danny from FC Autosource headed down towards Nagoya at around 3am friday morning and spent friday working in Nagoya and Gifu and a few too many hours in traffic on Japans ‘Expressways’!

Arriving at the track, there was a huge queue of cars outside and there wasn’t enough parking for everyone, thankfully for us a friend of mine working at the event got us in and we squeezed our car in behind some of the show cars, thank you Hiro 🙂

I’m going to start off with the Hondas from this years show so here you go…

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