Who am I??

I’m 32, was born in Dublin, Ireland and I’m proud to have been brought up there, with a wonderful family and some great friends.

Always been into cars and decided to become a mechanic when I left school, and I was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship at BMW in Dublin back in 2005. With 6 months left to qualify, I booked a one way ticket to Japan by myself and as soon as I did qualify, I moved there with no job, no friends and about €2,000.

Since then, I have lived in Japan, worked at RWB(among others), built and raced Porsche’s, married my best friend, helped my best friend run his BMW shop in Ireland, worked as a tech for McLaren in Woking, Surrey, worked as a pit crew member in the European LeMans Series(ELMS) series for Murphy Prototypes, lived and worked in LA for 4 months, got married in Hawaii, moved to Sydney where I currently build crazy AMG Mercedes’ for a local performance shop.

In between all that, I have travelled to almost 30 different countries and spent thousands of dollars trying to find the perfect coffee!

I have learnt a lot about people, about myself, and about different cultures and use every moment as an experience. I have made mistakes, been through a lot but have also had an amazing life!

I have worked with cars for over 11 years, but beginning to think I need a career change and a lot of it is to do with the industry itself, and some of the people in it.

Anyway, cars have opened massive doors for me and I have met some amazing people, some of which are my closest friends now, so I have no regrets 🙂

Other things I like are books, cats, coffee, fitness, photography, soccer and probably a hundred other things…

Heres some photos for no reason..


Vancouver, BC

img_0363Dortmund, Germany

img_1572Stuttgart, Germany

img_1604Stuttgart, Germany

img_3546Essen, Germany

img_3653Dortmund, Germany

img_9176Dortmund, Germany

img_9177Motegi, Japan

20130830-234447.jpgMotegi, Japan

20130830-234535.jpgMotegi, Japan

Honolulu, Hawaii

Imola, Italy

Sydney, Australia

Chiba, Japan

Bali, Indonesia

Motegi, Japan


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