RWB – Idlers 12hour 2013 preparation

So this year will be my third year in a row working with RWB at the Idlers 12h endurance race at Motegi Twin Ring, Japan. The first year I looked after the cars, last year the same with some driving near the end but this year I will be driving throughout the 12 hours 🙂

This year we are using 6 cars with one spare, 4 RWB993, 2 RWB 964 and a spare RWB964!

Will be posting updates when I get back from Gatebil so keep an eye out,

Gary 🙂

2 thoughts on “RWB – Idlers 12hour 2013 preparation

  1. Gary, it was nice to meet you at Nakai-san’s place and thank you for all the preparation you did on all the cars. It’s appreciated.
    Hope to see you soon in Holland when you can find the time.

    Greetz, Bert

    1. Thanks Bert, glad you guys had a great time and it was great meeting you and John! Thanks for helping us get the cars ready late Friday night too, it was a great help!
      Email me and I’ll see if I can make it over for the show in September with Nakai! 🙂


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