Lamborghini’s at the Old/Now car festival at Tsukuba Circuit

I went to bed friday night hoping that there wouldn’t be any rain on saturday for the Old/Now car Festival in Tsukuba and I wasn’t disappointed. I got up at 7am to some great weather, bit of breakfast and went to meet Danny from before heading out to Tsukuba for the day. Here was what greeted us as soon as we arrived…

40+ Lamborghini Murcielagos on display, amazing!

I’m certain that you could only find the likes of this in Japan! Pretty ballsy paint job for any car, let alone a Murcielago!

If you seen my Tokyo Auto Salon and Daikoku Futo posts this car will be pretty familiar, I seen it flying through Shinjuka last weekend too, hard to miss I guess.

Leopard print on a Lambo, ehh..

Now I’m usually very open minded when it comes to modifying cars as everyone is different and has different tastes, and that’s the reason why I love the industry so much but this is just hideous! There isn’t one positive comment I can make about this car, it has flashing lights all over it too :/

Never seen so many Murcielagos together in my life..

Needed to throw a Gallardo in there too, this one from the carpark…

Here’s a video of the parade lap I took with my iPhone…

Have a lot more photos to sort through including the Ferrari owners club, some  Japanese classics, Porsche cup and more Lotus’ than you can shake a stick at 🙂


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