The Iconic, Calsonic GTR

Don’t really know where to start with this car, I remember during my early teens playing Gran Turismo for hours on end and being introduced to the world of Japanese racing cars! One car that stuck out more than others back then, was the Calsonic R32 GTR, I don’t know why, but I have loved the car ever since! These were the days before Facebook/flickr/smart phones/ipads and the likes so the only place I got to see cars like this were on my Playstation. So you can understand the feeling I felt when I got to see the car in all it’s glory both in the pits of Fuji Speedway and on the track during last year’s Nismo Festival. The sound these things make is unreal.

Lets get to the pictures…

Forget your flush/stance bullshit, this is how a car should sit!!

Love the side-exit exhaust, air-jacks and Impul wheels!

The Gr.A R32 is worlds apart from Nismo’s new Leaf RC.

‘Godzilla’ is right, this thing is a MONSTER!!

Just beautiful..

I’ll leave you with a nice Replica we seen in a PA on the way to Fuji that morning, pretty cool right?!

If I was to choose my top 5 race cars in the world to fill my dream garage, I have no doubt that there would be a nice little space reserved for this monster, truly one of the greats!


Thanks for reading,

Gary 🙂

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