Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 part 1

Second year in a row attending the Tokyo Auto Salon and as last year. I wasn’t disappointed, here’s part one…

I’ll start with the Rocky Auto kpgc10, notice anything different about it??

V8 in a old Skyline?! Hmmm..

Rocky Auto cars always have a good following at the events, and for good reason..

This is especially for my friend Fuzzy from back in Ireland, he’s currently living in Canada and he loves these things so be sure to check out his blog

Full Carbon bodied RX7 anyone?! (For Sale)

Good to see Veilside concentrating on the Euro’s, this SLR looks very well

Just look at the camber on this thing!! Gets crazier every year!

Insane 🙂

TommyKaira NSX

Kumho stand displaying the E92 M3 I tuned for Sunbeam in Tokyo

Absolutely LOVING the Super GT version of the Prius!!

Love RE Amemiya’s creations!!

Even better from this angle

Super GT GTR

They’re so wide!!

Would love to see this little Daihatsu flying around Tsukuba

Would give some of the bigger cars a run for their money

Mad Mike’s RX7 needs no introduction..

The new F11 with flat paint is a perfect combination!

I’d love to see one of these GT cars without the livery 🙂

Well that’s it from part 1, much more to come in part 2…






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