Tokyo Auto Salon outdoor display part 1

I’ll kick off my Tokyo Auto Salon coverage(few weeks late) with some of the race cars that were on display outside..

Let’s start with the new HKS Toyota 86 that Nob. Taniguchi will drive during this year’s D1 season

I’m really liking the look of this car, I wonder what engine they’ll be using to keep up with the more powerful cars

It’s great to see the older S13’s still sticking around..

Next up is the Kunny’z Mark X

Tezuka’s very distinctive Goodyear BNR34

On the left is Hirota-san’s Team Mori GS350 and Tokita’s Goodyear Crown beside it

Tadokoro’s DROPPS AE86

Rotary-powered Trueno anyone?!

I really need to get out to some D1 events this year!

Two cars that need little introduction, The Toyo Tyre’s RPS13 and S15 of Kawabata and Sakuma-san..

Which one do you guys prefer??

I love the aggressive stance of the AE86 but the new 86 looks awesome(not too mad on the wheels though)

I reckon the AE86 just nicks it…

The Team Orange Evo X

Kamakubo’s awesome C33 Laurel

M7 Japan Rx7

Probably my least favourite of the ‘tuned’ 86’s I have seen so far, maybe it’s the spoiler that turns me off…


Toshi Arai’s Gr.N Impreza, This guy is awesome!

And I’ll finish with the NISMO Leaf RC, I personally love the look of these but it’s so weird seeing them drive and not hearing a sound coming from them, very strange…

Awful lot more to post from TAS 2012 so keep an eye out…

Thanks again for reading,

Gary 🙂

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