Another tick off the list…

Its 5am on a Sunday morning, dragging myself out of bed to head to yet another event at Fuji Speedway. This time its the  NISMO Festival and the excitement levels are fairly high, today I will get to see some of my favourite race cars from years of playing Gran Turismo and watching them race online, the likes of the Calsonic R32 GTR, Pennzoil Nismo R33 and R34 GTR’s and the older Tomica Skyline silhouette car among many others…

Arriving at Fuji Speedway in our Lexus ISF at roughly 8am, hyper from the cans of BOSS coffee and Red Bull we made our way to the Press Parking area and got our gear ready. THIS, is what we spotted on our way to the Press room…..

And YES, this is one of only 20 Nismo Z-Tune R34 GTR’s ever made…EVER!!!

Couldn’t believe my eyes, breathtaking!

I’m usually not one for big bonnet vents or scoops but this just works so well!

After a few minutes, the owner came over to us for a chat and gave us the keys to start it and look around the engine bay. Typical Japanese car nut in his 50’s, lovely guy. His friend has one of these also!!

Car was spotless throughout, you could eat your dinner off the 2.8L Z2 engine, God I love RB26’s! These one’s produce more than 500ps 🙂

This particular car was number 015 of 020, nice chassis number eh?!

Looks well from any angle!

Even the under-side was spotless, look how clean the diff cooler is…

The owner said that there’s a Bayside Blue one getting around Tokyo somewhere, the only blue one of the 20. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that 😉

Looks so aggressive..

Really like the details on the strut brace, very nicely done.

With the amount of stunning cars around, especially in the reserved parking lot, there were 6 Nismo 400R’s in a row and I lost count of the amount of Nismo 350z’s, you would be forgiven for not really noticing what looks like just another clean R34 GTR, but I was delighted to actually spend 30 minutes or so with one of Nismo’s hero cars, the Z-tune.

I’ll finish with this picture, a GTR, at home, in front of a snowy Mt. Fuji…

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9 thoughts on “Another tick off the list…

      1. I believe it. I’ve been lucky to see the cars I’ve seen and no one can really appreciate it unless you are in the presence of such magnificent machines. The cars that you’ve seen over there makes you the envy of every single one of my car guy friends here.

      2. I’m just happy if people like the stuff I post and the cars I love myself! A lot of my friends in Japan aren’t into cars and it baffles me haha. Let me know if there are any particular cars you or your friends like and if I have pics of them ill throw them up..

  1. The Nismo Fest is really an amazing experience eh? I was lucky enough to snag a ride with Dino in his R34 and got a press pass a few years back. Except instead of a pro I was just a little “kid” with a crap point and shoot walking among the pros. To be up close to all those iconic cars was amazing. I hope I can go again…. Perhaps I will see ya there 😉

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