Lamborghini Aventador

Right, getting back to the cars…

Not really sure what I can write to justify how stunning this car is in the flesh so i’ll let the photos do the talking.

Looks so well from every angle!

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 part 2

Right, getting back to it. Here’s part 2 of my Tokyo Auto Salon coverage..

Vorsteiner/Alphaline BMW F10

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Car spotting in Japan – Vol 1

Not your average monday today, started the afternoon with a 15 minute train journey to get a cup of coffee which resulted in an 8km walk home, coffee in one hand, camera in the other and seeing what cars I could stumble upon in the process. I was fairly happy with what I seen, here are the results…

I absolutely LOVE old BMW’s, just beautiful.

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Random snap: A visit to Opera Performance

Spent a day with these guys a while back in their spotless workshop at the side of a house in Fujisawa, Kanagawa. Many of you wont recognize the name but if you ever played Gran Turismo on Playstation you should immediately recognize this car…

This car is absolutely fantastic and to see it in the flesh was amazing! We had a meeting with them for work that day and I didn’t know the car would be there so it was a nice suprise! Yamamoto-san and Asano-san were great guys and were suprised I knew the car at all. Yamamoto-san is their racecar-driver and was on the development team for GT5, awesome!

Here’s a great write-up on the car

And the link to their website