Mazda 787B at the Tokyo Auto Salon

This was probably the one car I was most excited to see(and hear) going to this years Tokyo Auto Salon, its one of those cars that I have dreamed of seeing in person since I was little and I was absolutely speechless! Here it is…

I can’t stress enough how beautiful this car is in the flesh and how badly portrayed it is in these photographs, it is just incredible!

A Le Mans 24 hour winner in 1991 when I was only 5 years old and still to this day, the only Japanese marque to have ever won at Le Mans, an astonishing feat really!

A little while later, we all headed outside to the display area where they were driving all sorts of various cars for the public to see, Subaru IRC rally car, the new Nismo Leaf RC, drift demo’s etc. I will post those pics in the next few days but for now, this is what I personally wanted to see and hear and God, the screams from its quad-rotor engine are something I will never ever forget, AMAZING!!

In my opinion, after attending the F1 many times, the 787b sounds so much better and I would give anything to hear this thing fly around Le Mans at 9000rpm!!

I was suprised to find out that an Irish race driver, Dave Kennedy raced this car, among others for the Mazda Factory team at Le Mans and also at some races in Japan! He went on to test for the Jordan F1 team in the late 1990’s and was also a Formula One commentator for RTE and Setanta Sports. Everyday’s a school day..

20+ years on, and this thing still looks so beautiful!

I can now tick the Mazda 787B off my long-list of classic cars to see before I die 🙂

Ill leave you with one of many iPhone videos I shot of the car revving in its little tent, turn up the speakers for this and thanks again for reading.. 🙂

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