Some of my work here in Japan part 2.

Here’s part 2 of a collection of cars I have tuned here in Japan….

We’ll start with my personal favourite, Nakai-san of RAUH Welt heading to the track during the Idlers games @ Tsukuba last year in his Porsche 993…Its hard to covey just how wide, insane and beautiful these cars are in a photo

One of my favourite photo’s next, this was at the AMG owners club of Japan’s dyno day last summer @ SuperAutobacs out near Odaiba



Here’s a shot of me tuning a BMW Z4 sDrive35i for TK Square down in Nagoya

First’s C63 AMG at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon

SL63 on the dyno

Ferrari 360 Modena I tuned for Kreissieg after the fitted one of their super-loud exhausts.. Not risking scratching the paint while removing the two ecu’s 😛

Brand New Audi S5 with Brabus(Yes Brabus) wheels getting a tune

Heres a stock 911 Carrera4s for Woodstock down in Shin-Yokohama

Evil-looking blacked-out C63 AMG for Bond

Another Z4 sDrive35i down @ TK Square

Me again, this time flashing an Audi S5 for First

A shot of Nakai-san’s 993 during the Idlers games @ Tsukuba

Pretty nice family car is the E63, and with the speed limit removal, good for 300kmh+ 🙂

And finally, one of my favourite BMW models, the E46 M3, sitting idle during a track day @ Fuji Speedway, although if I was to buy one I would have to choose the coupe or a hard-top 🙂

Well that’s it for now, some of my favourite cars from work in 2011, there will be plenty more throughout 2012 so keep an eye out for the updates.

As always, thanks for reading.

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