My first drive in a Porsche 356

I’m way behind with my posts here but I’ll get through them as soon as I can. Back in March I spent a few days in California with John Benton and his guys at Benton Performance, and on the way to the Porsche meet at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, John asked me to drive their Irish Green 356 Cab! It was an honour and a pleasure to drive a car they had restored and thanks to John for trusting me with a car that’s worth so much money :)

More of my adventures soon…

964 RS 3.8 – Los Angeles, CA

Didn’t think the first genuine 964RS I would come across would be in the States but there you go, seen it at both the LIT show at the Hilton, LAX and the following morning at the Phoenix club meet in Anaheim..

I heard it cost the owner over a million dollars but not sure how true that is. What a gorgeous machine!



Silver Strand – Wicklow


Most excited I have been about a car in a while..


Rear wheel drive, turbocharged V6, thanks Alfa! 👏🏻

John Legend – The Marquee, Cork


Back where they belong

  What a race, having withdrawals already! I must have watched 13 or 14 hours in all, huge congratulations to Porsche on their victory. Can’t wait for next year! 

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